Bryson’s Book

Bryson’s Book

Have you ever heard, read or witnessed something that was painfully trite, irritatingly cliché or just plain obvious and overused? Was it said, written or done with a befuddling sense of innovation and originality when it is commonly thought of as hackneyed and worn out? If it made you wince, cringe or exhale in frustration, then this is the book for you.

Tastes like Chicken: 101 Things We Should Never Say or Do Again, is a list of the most annoying and maddening examples of these platitudes, (the unoriginal, expressed enthusiastically as original).

Author Bryson Lang has rounded up these “usual suspects” of stale, tired behaviors and sayings to serve as a reference and marker to help avoid the perpetuation of time-wasting banality, and to help inspire creativity toward new expression.

Consider this book the “Penicillin for predictability”. As you read, you will be taking the 101 final doses of this verbal and visible virus in an attempt to boost your immune system so you never repeat what is listed here ever again.

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